Ground Mounted Systems & Carports

If you have more ground area than roof space, or more solar exposure in areas of your property other than your roof, and you would still like to take advantage of all the benefits of a solar PV (and/or thermal) system, a ground-mounted system might be the solution for you. We have installed ground-mounts in both residential and commercial settings, and a common trend we’re seeing these days is to install a solar carport, or a parking lot covered in solar. We think that this is a great use of otherwise-dead space, especially since it's nice having your car sit in the shade anyways!


Solar carports can be made to suit any need from 1 car to hundreds of cars. Our team will design, engineer, and install any solar carport structure. Not only are there many benefits of parking under a solar carport such as keeping the car cooler and less snow accumulating but financially solar carports receive an additional incentive through the Massachusetts SMART program.

So if your roof is not a viable option and you don’t have the space for a ground mount system consider a solar carport.