Energy Storage

SunWind, LLC is proud to announce that we are certified Sonnen battery installers!

The Sonnen battery line comes very well-reviewed and offers a favorable alternative to existing products from the likes of Tesla, LG, Acquion, and other manufacturers. Sonnen's new ecoLinx is a revolutionary innovation in energy storage that integrates clean energy with home automation and intelligent, safe battery technology.

With blustery nor'easters battering New England homeowners on a regular basis (especially in Massachusetts), having a battery back-up for your solar PV system makes a lot of sense as a more ecologically-friendly alternative to gas-powered generators. Furthermore, energy storage systems have recently become eligible for two significant incentive programs: the 26% federal tax credit for systems charged by PV (according to recent federal legislation; details of which can be found here) and the SMART program (there will be a dollar-amount adder to the overall incentive rate according to how much storage is added and how efficient the battery system is). If you are interested in solar PV and energy storage, contact us today.