Energy Storage

SunWind, LLC is proud to announce that we are certified Sonnen, Enphase, & Generac battery installers!

The Sonnen battery line comes very well-reviewed and offers a favorable alternative to existing products from the likes of Tesla, LG, Acquion, and other manufacturers. Sonnen's new ecoLinx is a revolutionary innovation in energy storage that integrates clean energy with home automation and intelligent, safe battery technology.

With blustery nor'easters battering New England homeowners on a regular basis (especially in Massachusetts), having a battery back-up for your solar PV system makes a lot of sense as a more ecologically-friendly alternative to gas-powered generators. Furthermore, energy storage systems have recently become eligible for two significant incentive programs: the 30% federal tax credit for systems charged by PV (according to recent federal legislation; details of which can be found \[here]( and the SMART program (there will be a dollar-amount adder to the overall incentive rate according to how much storage is added and how efficient the battery system is). If you are interested in solar PV and energy storage, \[contact us](/contact) today.

The Enphase Battery products link up seamlessly with their new line of IQ-8 micro inverters….. Add more from Enphase sales literature

Enphase IQ Batteries are built on a distributed architecture platform. This modular microinverter design means you can quickly and easily expand your system, as your needs grow. And with IQ8 on solar panels, there are no solar and battery sizing restrictions.


As energy prices continue to rise and power outages become more widespread, more homeowners are turning to solar to provide electricity for their homes and reduce their dependence on the power grid. However, the functionality of solar alone, can be limited at night or on cloudy days. Pairing solar with a battery storage system, allows the homeowner to store any excess energy generated on a sunny day and use it at night, when peak demand charges are high, or in the event of a power outage.

The Generac PWRcell solar + battery storage system harnesses clean energy from the sun to provide you with backup power during utility power outages, while also helping to lower your electric bill. Plus PWRcell can be AC coupled, meaning it can be connected to most solar arrays, so you can utilize your existing solar system for whole backup home power.

System Design

Every PWRcell system comes standard with an inverter, battery storage cabinet, and lithium ion battery modules, and pairs with solar panels from most manufacturers. The PWRcell inverter and battery cabinet can be installed either inside of a garage or on the exterior of a home.

The Generac PWRcell features a modular design that allows you to expand your storage capacity as your power needs evolve. Homeowners are able to start out with a 9kWh solar + battery storage system and expand in increments of 3kWh up to 36kWh.

Here are 10 points for comparison to allow for easy understanding of the advantages and disadvantages between Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRCell.

✔ Battery Warranty:
Generac PwrCell: 10-years / 45.36 MWh (at 45.36 mega-watt hours (MWh), which is according to Panasonic and Pika Energy, is a better measurement for battery warranties)
Powerwall 2: 10-years / “unlimited cycles”

✔ Usable Capacity for 1 Battery:
Generac PwrCell: 10.6 kWh or 15.9 kWh
Powerwall 2: 14 kWh

✔ Off-Grid Compatible:
Generac PwrCell: Yes, (Backup, Self-Consumption)
Powerwall 2: Yes, (Backup, Self-Consumption)

✔ Maximum Continuous Power:
Generac PwrCell: 6.7 kW
Powerwall 2: 5 kW

✔ Battery Type:
Generac PwrCell: Lithium-Ion
Powerwall 2: Lithium-Ion

✔ Inverter Included:
Generac PwrCell: Yes, Island Inverter (everything is integrated and designed. It has the best performance outcome in terms of usable energy capacity, efficiency, and instantaneous power.)
Powerwall 2: No, SolarEdge or SMA America

✔ Product Availability:
Generac PwrCell: Today
Powerwall 2: Backordered, (3 months to a year)

✔ Cost with Battery and Installation:
Generac PwrCell: $12,000 to $18,000 (based on number of batteries purchased)
Powerwall 2: ≈ $12,000 to $14,000

✔ Federal Tax Credit Eligibility:
Generac PwrCell: Yes, 30%
Powerwall 2: Yes, 30%

These 10 points of comparison, in our opinion, show that the Generac PwrCell has some big advantages over the Tesla Powerwall 2.