Payment Options

Direct Ownership

We at SunWind are big proponents of direct ownership, and as such, we discourage potential solar customers from seeking leasing options as a solution to their financing. Why? Because when you own a system (instead of leasing) you take advantage of all the incentives that are in effect in Massachusetts (such as tax incentives, SMART, and net metering, not to mention the federal tax credit as well!) that you simply do not have access to when you sign a lease. This is a substantial loss for a small short-term gain, and it really does not make sense, especially when there are loan programs in place that can make owning a solar system affordable on any budget.

Affordable Ownership

SunWind understands that installing a solar system is a big investment and we have a few loan options to help customers with financing if needed.

If you are located on or near Cape Cod:

Cape Cod Five Bank

First Citizens

Bank 5

Other options are: Lightstream or EZ Solar Loan

[Contact us](/contact) for details regarding financing options

Loan vs lease

The Mass DOER has concluded that “direct ownership of solar by MA homeowners provides substantially greater lifecycle benefits to the homeowner and local economy,” as compared to lease or PPA (power purchase agreement) options that are typically offered to make solar more affordable. With direct ownership (using the Mass Solar Loan program to help finance), system owners can take advantage of all the other incentive values that would be otherwise forfeited to the owning party. For these reasons, SunWind LLC is a strong advocate for direct ownership, and we are well-versed in the Mass Solar Loan process. For more information, check out the official Mass Solar Loan website.

If you would like help to determine whether you are eligible for this program, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.